Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back from Buxton

We had a really nice relaxing time & I've now come back to my normal manic life

My only agenda apart from relaxing was to explore the LYS's - this was done but will be in another post as I need some photos. The weather was a vast improvement on that which we've had recently although I was apprehensive when a freak hail storm with thunder & lightening struck when we were 20 miles away from the caravan site. By the time we arrived the sky was clear again & apart from one shower during the night we didn't see the rain again.

The site is set in an old quarry & quite sheltered from the wind - this was the view facing us:

Granite cliffs

They were full of nesting birds which supplied plenty of entertainment for DH. Here they are again with an added extra :

cliffs moon
Cliffs & moon

The photo below shows the campsite, Buxton & Soloman's Temple. The left hand arrow shows the caravan site & the right hand arrow Soloman's Temple & between the two the town of Buxton (Click the photo below for a bigger picture).

Overview of Buxton, Grin Low & Soloman's Temple, Derbyshire

DH & DD went for a walk up a nearby hill on the second evening - I stayed behind as I'd walked the dogs for an hour & a half whilst they were both in bed that morning. (Click the photo below for a very big picture. To appreciate fully please wait for it to download & expand to it's full size).

Panoramic from a hill behind Buxton, Derbyshire

We were lucky that there were two 11 year old girls in the caravan opposite us who helped to entertain DD thus freeing us up from endless requests to play boules (but DH still fell for that one), swingball or badminton. They also had an Airedale (we always see one on campsites even though they're not a common breed) but despite their best efforts Blue & Annie couldn't get a reaction out of him & he wouldn't 'talk' to them or even offer a playbow. The dogs enjoyed themselves too & enjoyed having lots of children to fuss:


Thirsty Blue

Knitting happened in a relaxed manner - try lounging in a comfy chair with your feet up, sunglasses on with a bottle of beer or glass of red wine - sound good? Then add a BBQ with added houlmi & garlic mushrooms - you've got it. One relaxed & chilled blueadt

Lady Eleanor
20 Tiers of Lady Eleanor

As already mentioned I've also finished the first Lacy Scallop sock

Lacy Scallop sock
1st Lacy Scallop sock finished

The second will be on hold until my Knitting World Cup project is out of the way.


Steph said...

Very pretty knitting, and great pics of your dogs. SOunds like you hada fab time. It just seems so long ago far too quickly doesn't it?!

Emily said...

Hi dear, great to see you had a nice time! I recieved the yarn and book last week, and I'm really happy with it! Now that I know you are back I'll be posting the sock yarn, maybe today, otherwise at the latest on Friday (I have to work today and tomorrow and tomorrow in the evening I'm picking up a few alpaca fleeces!!! :D).


Nic said...

Ooh looks like you had a great time. Does the place where you stayed allow tents? I am looking for somewhere to go to try out our new HUGE tent and it looks like a great area.
Glad you had a good time

blueadt said...


Yes they do take tents but the field was closed the week we were there due to it being waterlogged from all the rain previously.


It's cheaper if you join the Caravan club. I'll be posting details of the LYS's soon.

ra said...

mmmmmm haloumi never tried it till I went to work at SUMA (ditto tofu).

Looks like you had a great break.