Friday, June 23, 2006

Urghh *!?****

Why do DD & DH still believe in the the Dishwashing & Laundry Fairies??????

And mustn't forget their cousin the swimming costume fairy, who rinses the chlorine out of costumes to prevent them rotting & removes wet towels from bags.....


Donna said...

And my pet peeve - wet towels from bedroom floors!

Anne said...

What happens if the fairies go on strike? (Of course that does mean that you'll have to curb your natural tendency to step in for them...)

blueadt said...

This 'fairy' is firmly on strike!!!

Wet towels on the bedroom floor, dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, clothes everywhere, unemptied lunch boxes, swimming gear left in bags etc etc

Last week I wanted to hoover her bedroom & couldn't even walk to the window. So I gathered up all the dirty washing & tied it up in a carrier bag. That's now hidden away & I'll keep doing it. When she asks for her favourite jeans or t shirt or realises that she's running out of clothes, she'll have to do chores to earn a bag back. Then it'll have to be sorted into the right washing basket & wait until I've got a full load.

I hate doing all the washing, thinking I've cleared it all only to find that she's filled them all up again & he's not much better!

It's not difficult for her. We've got a huge cupboard in the hall outside her bedroom with 3 laundry bags; whites, darks & lights & all she's got to do is put the clothes in the right way round. I reject socks that are like fists & shirts with their arms rolled up - they can stay in the bags for weeks.