Tuesday, June 13, 2006

30 things

In celebration of her birthday Kerrie is having a fun contest at Hipknits & the winner receives GBP30 worth of HipKnits yarns. I've already done 100 things about me so will pick some & flesh them out a bit plus some more if I can.

1 - I HATE beetroot & this goes back to school dinners in primary school. I always hated them & regulary missed playtime as you weren't allowed out to play until you had cleared your plate. I have memories of sitting in the dining hall looking at a pile of vile red stuff which made everything else taste even worse than it did normally. The dinner ladies used to dump everything on your plate & you weren't allowed to refuse anything. I also didn't like meat & the mashed potato was lumpy - this still has repercussions all these years later. I now have a potato ricer (like a huge garlic press) to make decent mashed potato without lumps & avoid beetroot like the plague.

2 - I have a very weak stomach & a strong sense of smell which means that I throw up regulary. I've recently started getting up earlier to enable me to have more time between eating my breakfast & brushing my teeth as I was fed up with going to work on an empty stomach.

3- I can groom dogs - both hand stripping & clipping. I currently groom my own 2 Airedale Terriers plus 3 other dogs for friends but over the years have groomed many different breeds.

4 - I wore braces as a child as I had a big gap between my two front teeth. The day they were removed & I could bite into an apple will stay with me forever.

6 - I am stubborn - typical Taurian I'm afraid.

7 - I love going to the cinema but hardly ever do

8 - I don't watch a lot of TV as I'm out of the house 4 nights a week due to DD's swimming.

9 - I love Cranberry juice and drink a glass every morning with my breakfast in front of the PC. I keep my hayfever medication & another tablet that I have to take by the PC so that I remember to take them.

10 - I am very independent as I've always had to look after myself. Sometimes DH complains about this as I'll deal with things myself rather than sharing them with him.

11 - I used to be a dog obedience trainer, have shown pedigree dogs & have won awards for the latter.

12 - I can't stand runny eggs - they make me want to heave (see #2 above)

13 - I love being massaged. Since my birthday massage I have been having a monthly treat & have a shoulder massage. If I'm upset or stressed all tension goes into my shoulders so now hopefully it'll be kept under control.

14 - I avoid having my photo taken as I hate to see pictures of myself. I look too much like my mother.

15 - I was born on St George's Day & am fully in support of the call to make April 23rd a National Holiday in England. Then I wouldn't have to use a days holiday as I never work on my birthday.

16 - I like gardening. In the past few months I've started growing vegetables again on a small scale. I've got some onions, potatoes & courgettes growing plus various herbs. I also planted some peppers but they were munched by slugs in the constant rain that we had last month. I had a small greenhouse about 6 years ago but sold it as I was working full time & didn't have enough time for it.

17 - As a young child I had platinum blonde curls but now have thick chestnut brown hair which I'm currently growing.

18 - I have always wanted to go to Canada & Barcelona. We're planning to go to Canada in May '07 & are currently saving up for it.

19 - I would be very happy to move away from the city where I currently live.I came here to go to university in 1992 & graduated 3 years later but am still here

20 - I'm not afraid of spiders & can pick them up. I am the only person in the house that can do this.

21 - I love being held, rephrase that 'need' to be held.

22 - I have a Recruitment qualification from a previous job.

23 - I love to dance but DH hates it so I rarely get to.

24 - I used to bite my nails as a child until they bled. One day I decided that I wanted to stop so devised a little plan & it worked. First I stopped chewing on both little fingers, then my ring fingers, index, fore & finally allowed myself one thumb. By this point I had weaned myself off the habit & haven't chewed them since.

25 - I love to have a bath & then get into a freshly made bed.

26 - I had my palm read when I was 20. I don't believe in this sort of thing but spookily everything bar 1 has come true or happened to me.

27 - I hate ironing. The overflowing ironing basket in the laundry cupboard will testify to this.

28 - I like my own space & need to be alone sometimes.

29 - I have to have a dark bedroom to sleep in & can't stand chinks of light coming in through the curtains. I also like to have an open window.

30 - I love to sing along to songs whilst driving in the car. My current favourite is KT Tunstall.


Anita said...

Interesting list - lucky you going to Canada! I'd love to visit there. I had my palm read once and was told all sorts of things that haven't come true - there's still time, I guess!

Nic said...

I've done my 30things now. Quite a few of yours could have been mine but I thought of a few more. Your birthday is two days before mine.

RoxyKnits said...

I point blank refuse to eat beetroot. Nasty stuff. I love to dance to, but unfortunately my clubbing days have been gone a few years now....

I saw Jackie yesterday and she said you were both at Holmfirth again and had a good time there. She told me about the bargain Big Wool too - I was quite jealous ;)