Thursday, June 08, 2006

One Skeins....

When I came home yesterday I had to push my way in past the volume of post mounted up behind the front door. Amongst the standard bills, offers for loans & other boring paper bin fodder, a parcel sat waiting with my name on. Immediately DD started to whinge that she never gets parcels but I pointed out that she also doesn't get bills either so it sort of balances itself out. However she wasn't won over with that one & continued to mutter darkly to herself.

My One Skein Pal is a star - check this out!

Colinette Zanziba
100g skein of Colinette Zanziba

I adore the colours. No definate plans of what to do with it (but am thinking along the lines of a short scarf) suggestions would be very welcome.

On to something that DD immediately lay claim to:

Devon Fudge
Devon Fudge

She only has sweets on Saturdays as I'm a cruel mother & don't believe in destroying her teeth. So far it's paying off as she's one of only two children in the class of 31 who has no filings (class of 9 + 10 year olds). So some fudge will be saved for her on Saturday as she watches the game & bounces up & down with the all the sugar, hype & excitement that only a World Cup game can bring if it's the first one you can remember & you loooooove footy - or so you keep telling the evil parents who won't let you have a huge flag to hang out of your bedroom windown.... Anyway I'm off track again

The card made me smile:

One Skein exchange card
Edgar's mother had a morbid fear of the common cold

Thank you very much Devon Knitter - I'm looking forward to finding out who you are

There was also another little parcel on the doormat:

Noro Kureyon
Noro Kureyon

This poor little ball of yarn had no card or any hint whatsoever who the sender is. I think I know who it is but all emails & a text re this poor little thing have so far been ignored....


Steph said...

Wow - lucky you! Looking forward to see what you make with your single skeins.
My daughters always complain of not having post or parcels too. I'm sure they'll make up for it when they're older!

Nic said...

LMAO!! I must remember the bills=parcel allowance for when J and L get older ;o)
I have got loads of fluffy post this week-two days in a row. I find it helps to cheer a stressed and worn-out Mummy up.

Iron Chicken said...

That hat pattern is priceless!! Everyone in my office is now in hysterics which has broken up an otherwise long and boring Friday!