Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Inspired by Project Spectrum

My SP has sent me another parcel Delivered to work so that I don't have to wait until the end of the week it sat there all day calling to me.

card from my SP8
card from my SP8

Secret Pal 8 present
Unopened present from my SP8

present for my daughter
Present for DD from my Secret Pal

Presents from my Secret Pal
Presents from my Secret Pal

Bear Factory England hat
Bear Factory England hat

bear in football kit
Emilano wearing his football kit with England hat!

Thank you so much SP. DD had to wear the crocheted flower & ribbon as a head band & is now bouncing around the house with her bear and a whistle courtesy of The Champagne Bohemian

DH is getting stressed & I'm wondering where I can disappear to with my knitting & new book.....


Piglottie said...

Wonder no longer. Blue has temporarily taken up abode at Piglottie's Parlour and the Knitting World Cup sock is looking good!

Steph said...

Green & Black's & a knitting book? Heaven..

Anita said...

Okay - I'm feeling really bad about the whistle now...

blueadt said...


Don't feel too bad, it'll 'disappear' soon & peace will resume....