Saturday, June 03, 2006

On holiday

We're having a fab time. Am feeling very chilled & am drinking far too much alcohol. Knitting is happening & one sock is finished.


Nit One Perl Two said...

It's so nice to see someone shares views about knitting! I know the triple lindee pattern will interest you! It's not a world renound but it is a pretty pattern!

iron chicken said...

Hi Blueadt
With ref to how people get to your blog I came via a Simply Knitting Article and then Knit the Knits who has you listed. I was reading your post about your daughter and the reply from Lucy - you are right - that is so tragic! Why does it have to be so hard for our kids to stick up for thmselves? Good on those who do I say. I hope you have solved the school problems - my sympathy - been there!
I am new to blogging and struggling a bit as I don't know how to make links or get a picture on my blog but I just thought I would tell you I like your blog. Hope you are having a nice time on your holiday!

the stripey tiger said...

Glad that you went and that you don't sound too ill. I'd love to go on a holiday where we could drink too much! It seems a thing o fthe past with all the pregnancies and breastfeeding taht have been going on here over the last four years! *sigh* one day..... lol :-) Have a great time!!