Monday, June 19, 2006

One strike on Stashalong

After doing so well for 2 1/2 months I've fallen but only by 100g
I've already had my free day this month (yet to be blogged about) but have just agreed to buy 1 ball of Opal Uni in black on the forum where I've been selling my excess yarn. It'll go wonderfully with the Opal Rainforest Zebra that I've been gifted for DD & will make a good contrast for the heels, toes & cuffs.

Now how to get her to wear either bare feet in the house or slippers with her socks......


Steph said...

The socks-to-be sound great. Does you DD wear shoes in the house at the moment? My DH is the only one who does that in our house & it drives me nuts!

Alison said...

Let the training programme begin! I quite often have bare feet round the house, a hangover from my childhood! I just couldn't be doing with slippers until adulthood!!

Fred said...

Do you have to buy it this month or can you carry it over into July and still be a good girlie?

blueadt said...


I'm quite happy to accept my punishment ;0

I'm nearly at the end of my 3 months & it's been great for me as I've had a really good sort out & have either sold or swapped nearly 4 kilos of yarn & replaced it with sock yarn which takes u a LOT less space. Will probably sign up again as a incentive to myself to keep it up.

blueadt said...


We all take our shoes off at the door. This started before DD was born when DH accidently walked dog poo into the living room carpet having stood in it outside on the street {yuk)

It's amazing how many people think I'm weird for asking them to remove their shoes when they come into the house.

btw - I've been known to stop the car & hand out dog bags to dog owners who have walked off & left a 'pile'. I'm surprised it hasn't got me in trouble yet but imo if you don't want to pick up then don't get a dog.