Sunday, June 18, 2006


On Friday I collected the two parcels that were waiting for me.

The first was from Emily & contained yarn in swap for some Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed & the tweed collection in a recent destashing exercise. She sent me this for DD:

Red & Black Opal silk
Red & Black Opal silk

Auntie Mart Angora
Auntie Mart Angora - 'Strawberry Filled Chocolate'

Emily dyed this beautiful yarn herself, click here to check out the composition. There are more yarns available on her blog - check them out

The first two I knew about but this was a total surprise:

Yellow & Blue Opal Petticoat
Yellow & Blue Opal Petticoat

Thanks very much Emily. I look forward to knitting with them all & once DD has worked out why I get cross when she turns her white socks black because she doesn't wear slippers with them she'll get some handknitted socks too.

The second parcel wasn't totally unexpected but the extra contents were. I had sent some Rowan Soft Baby to The Champagne Bohemian for her daughter. The parcel contained the remains of the yarn plus some extra goodies:

Opal Rainforest Zebra
Opal Rainforest Zebra for DD

Cornish Fudge
Cornish Fudge

plus some football treats to be used when watching the next England game. These have already been squirelled away by DD & all I can say is that I've asked her to blow the whistle only when England score Included was a little note with a special message in braile from BB which brought tears to my eyes.

So now DD has some black & red and black & white socks coming her way, one day, when the sock battle has been won. Thank you so much both of you

My sock yarn stash is growing far faster than I can knit them which has lead me to have another clear out. If anybody wants 7 x 100g of Sirdar Wow in lilac or 500g of King Cole Magnum in a deep red please leave your email in the comments & I'll email you more details including a photo of the yarn.

[edited to add that the King Cole Magnum has now found a new home]


scarletprincess said...
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Steph said...

Wow - you get the BEST parcels!

Emily said...

Hi there, so happy you like the yarn! I hope your daughter will like it too! :D She sure needs to start wearing slippers, it's worth it!

It's been annoyingly hot in here (I'm not a big fan of the heat having no AC) and I've been babysitting the cutest little baby the past 2 days, so I haven't answered many emails, sorry for that!


Ps.: I'm not knitting from the book yet but there are sure a few projects I'm going to try soon!

Anita said...

Glad that you liked the parcel. Looks like you've got plenty of yarn to try out some sock patterns! The slipper thing is tricky, isn't it? My girls are always in such a tearing hurry or else just can't find them, it seems. I have done socks for all three girls - mostly because small socks are fun (and quick) to do!

PS. Sorry about the whistle - I obviously wasn't thinking clearly when I bought it...

Piglottie said...

Blue - your ability to increase your stash without actively trying to never ceases to amaze me! Methinks you will be visiting IKEA again soon to buy another stash box...

blueadt said...

NOOOOO.... No more boxes.

The first two lots of sock yarn from Emily were known about & gained in a swap so totally allowed, the other two were a surprise. Sock yarn does seem to be flocking towards me which is why I'm having to clear some space out for it.

blueadt said...
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blueadt said...

DD wears a size 41/2-5 so not that small.

Will make her some soon but at them moment we're having a general laundry battle anyway at the moment - black socks are just part of it.

sp said...

I would love to see the zebra socks