Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oriel evolves

From this to this; which I think looks like a weird fish & was taken early yesterday evening

Oriel toe up sock
Oriel - toe & sole

to this:

Oriel toe up sock
Oriel - toe, sole & heel

the state of play this morning after an evening spent with Piglottie

Oriel toe up sock
Oriel - foot finished just the calf to go

Result of an evening spent in front of the TV watching films - maybe I should watch more TV......


Steph said...

Just beautiful colours - like a bowl of sweet cherries and a glass of rich Merlot!

Ginny said...

I'm over from the SKS KAL and just wanted to say that I love the Oriel. It's been on my list of socks to try from the book. So much yarn, so little time...

Nice job on yours!

Anita said...

Interesting to see the sock come together from the toe up - I've yet to try that way of knitting a sock. Great colours.

blueadt said...

Thanks for the nice comments gals.

I adore the yarn as well. It fell into my hot little hands via a swap for 'The Cork Collection' & I was very happy to rehome it for the yarn.

Anita - I was really puzzled when I read the pattern & couldn't get my head around the construction hence the photos. I thought they might be useful to someone.

I'll definately use this method again, most probably for DH as he's got wide size 10 feet & I'm scared I'll run out of yarn. But for DD I'll go cuff down on her zebras as I'll be able to undo the toe & add to the foot if she grows too quickly :-)

ra said...

very nice sock there. I tried toe up but got lost in the short row heel shaping. I really should try again though.

Like the new blog layout!