Monday, May 02, 2005

Bank holiday weekend

As DH & I both had Monday (today) off work we had arranged to go away in the caravan for the weekend. Of course things were working against us to ruin any chance of a nice break:

    DD was sick last week so we nearly didn't go.

    The weather - it rained constantly from the early hours of Saturday morning through to mid day on Sunday. The site was so wet that the water was coming up through the ground sheet in the awning.

    I forgot to take dog towels so a couple of times the dogs had to stay in their crate in the car as they were too wet to come into the caravan.

    I got ill on Saturday afternoon & had to keep running to the toilets. Mid afternoon I remembered that I had some anti diarrhoea tablets in the 'van - 3 hours later still felt awful but no more mad rushes to the toilets!

    Early hours of Monday morning DH felt sick & raced to the toilets (his turn now) but instead he vomits his guts up.

As I write he is dying in bed & I've been dealing with a stroppy 9 year old who is refusing to help me do the housework which results from a weekend away & has been generally annoying.

Of course as we were packing up this morning (he helped but felt awful) the weather was fantastic. As we were stuck in traffic the sun was blazing & the dogs were panting in the back of the car.

Knitting wise I've nearly finished the first Fay in Delight & Very Berry Cork. I'll be doing the last section in VB tonight & casting off. Photos will follow when DH is better.

I'm giving the baby blanket to my neighbour tonight - again photos will follow soon when DH is better. He also took some over the weekend (I did too on his phone but got told off!) but I don't know how to format them so they'll be up when DH is able to sort them out.

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