Thursday, May 12, 2005

Secret Project et al

I'm finally unveiling my secret project - my first felting project.

Red & black felted bag
Red & black felted bag

It started life as 3x 100g balls of black & 1x 100g of red Chunky pure wool from Texere. I had never felted before, knitted in the round or done an i-cord bind off so it was a total experiment. I'm really pleased with the result apart from one thing - I started with a rectangle & then picked up stitches & knitted in the round creating a can shape. Next time I'll learn to do short rows & create a circular base which will look better. It looked like this before it was felted & took three 60 degree washes in a net bag. It hasn't felted properly in a couple of places, next time I'll do bits like this by hand to make it totally even.

It was lined by a fellow knitter who I met last month at 'In Stitches' - thank you so much for your help. I've given it to DD but she's got so many bags & so much stuff that it'll get lost amongst all the debris but I view it as a learning curve. As she's a Harry Potter fanatic she adores red & black. The next one will be better & it's for me - in chocolate with cream & pale pink.

We're having our second meeting tomorrow night & I've been in touch with two other knitters in the area so am hoping that they can both make it.

I've given up on the Inox needles & spoke to Tess today from Angel Yarns & ordered a set of 7mm Addi turbo circular bamboo needles. I've already ripped it once & need to do it again. I found myself two stitches short, so puzzled I made two & then on the following alternate row found that I had two to many! So I'm going to do a swatch with a non fluffy dk yarn to learn the pattern repeat. I think I'm going wrong with psso & yfwd - it's hard to tell the difference between the slipped stitch & the yfwd so I'm going to try using a marker on the slipped stitch so that I can pull that one over & not the yfd - you probably need to see that pattern to work out where I'm coming from but then again maybe not.

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Minxxy said...

Oh.My.God............ I so want that bag!!!!!! * SQUEAL!!*