Monday, May 23, 2005

Bizarre email

I've just received this on email as I run a local knitting group:

"I am researching for a documentary on women in Britain. I have read alot about knitting groups taking off in the UK and it sounds like alot of fun! I would very much like to speak to women who either stay at home to look after their husband/family or women who don't have to work and basically spend their days having lots of fun! We would be very interested in filming at a knitting group if we can find someone who would enjoy spending a day being filmed because each programme will focus on activities through one person."

My first reaction was - What planet is this woman on!!!!

"spend their days having lots of fun!"

Most women I know (myself included) work either full or part time, run around taking/collecting kids to/from school, shopping, housework etc etc. For me knitting is how I relax at the end of the day after all that - not my sole activity - I wish it were!

I've forwarded it on to the other members of 'In Stitches' & so far no takers. How surprising.


Becky said...

My word - I agree - what planet is that woman on !! I too wish I could spend the day knitting and "having fun" unfortunately I think we would drown in a sea of ironing, while sneezing our heads off from dust if I did - ho hum - when I win the lottery and can afford "staff" all will change !!! Well I can dream can't I ?

Donna said...

Hmm.. I can't quite decide if the vacuuming, the washing, the dishes or the bathroom cleaning is the most fun. I know! They can come film me cleaning the toilet! All fun, all the time, LOL!

Tess1e said...

LOL!!! I am so impressed! How quaint we must all seem...

So here's my funfilled day...

Up at 7, breakfast for 4 kids, school run, off to work at 8.30, work all day, back at 6.30pm, cook dinner and feed the brood, bath aforementioned kids, check homework is done, put little ones to bed, put washing on, clear kitchen, check emails, finally might sit down to knit around 10.30, chase big kids to bed around 11, and relax..........

Yep. It's fun alright!!!!

Daft bint!