Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Introducing............. Tia!

Originally named Hestia (which is a bit of a mouthful) after the Greek Goddess of the Hearth, Tia came from Mayhew Animal Home in London in August 1988 for the grand sum of £10.


She'll be 18 years old this month & rules the animal pack in our house, the other 3 cats & the dogs. She can often be found sleeping in the middle of the huge dog beds whilst one of the dogs is on the floor moaning pathetically. They're happy for her to join them on the bed but won't move onto it if she gets there first. She loves nothing better than having a nibble on their marrow bones & they'll standback & watch.

Tia has moved all around the country with me & particularly liked Bradford where she charmed other students who were missing their own pets. She developed a love of tinned spagetti & chapettis & would often come home with orange feet from the former.

Now that she's getting old she's finally slowing down. Her eyes have developed little flecks in them, she's got a bit fragile & skinny. I think she's suffering from arthritis as she sticks her front feet out like wings when lying down!

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