Sunday, May 15, 2005

False alarm

We had a stressful morning yesterday but I've promised not to reveal what happened as the person concerned is very embarrassed. Lets just say it involved a trip to the emergency doctors, a trip to A&E at the hospital & some xrays. Whilst this was happening I sat in waiting rooms knitting Fay 2 thankful for the mindless repetiveness of 3x3 rib.

Fay 2
Fay 2

Luckily everything is ok & we then spent the rest of the day & evening at a bbq hosted by one of his workmates. As the driver I didn't drink but watched everybody else get absolutely p*ssed. DD had a good time with another daughter aged 12. She's also not a girly girl - they were a bit late as she had been playing rugby! DH awoke this morning with beautifully painted & foiled nails on one hand but refused to take a photo - spoil sport!


Knitting Solo said...

I love the way you set up your pics!! How do you do it!!?!?

blueadt said...

DH set up the original html code for me & I just reuse the same code changing the essential bits! Photos of knitting stuff normally have a background of plain paper - either white or black, DD loves art so we raid her paper stash. I want to keep the background plain so that the eye isn't drawn away from the focus of the picture. The width is kept small enough that the info on the right floats up & down. When I insert the code to insert the image I put the size (width & height)& the border which makes a difference.

PLUS DH now has a really expensive camera! The photos from our trip two years ago were taking with a much cheaper digital camera but even then he was able to take good pics. The camera he uses now is worth more than our car & I don't touch it. So I have to wait until he's got time to take them which is a bit of pain.