Friday, May 06, 2005

Do I frog or try & repair?

I've started the poncho for DD & it's not going well. I've never done a lacey pattern before so it took me a while to get my head around it but I've done it. I've done one pattern repeat. As I put it down to look at the pattern I found one stitch that was knitted but has come undone some how in the first row. It's seperating two lacey 'holes' so will be tricky to pick up.

I've struggled tonight not just because I was learning something new but because of the needles. I always try to knit with bamboo Addi's & these are Inox. They've got a horrible bumpy bit between the cord & the bamboo & bringing the yarn up onto the bamboo drove me mad.

I've put clips in the stitches for now so that I don't regret it but am so tempted to rip the lot.

Ideas anyone?

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Becky said...

I'm sorry to say I would definately undo it. It will only drive you barmy everytime you look at it. It's a nightmare, but now that you have got the hang of the pattern, redoing it will be a breeze.

Have you not got any other needles that you can use if those ones are driving you mad ? well obviously not if you're not using them d'oh ! Could you get some more of the type you like to make things smoother ?

Good luck - whatever you decide to do.