Tuesday, May 10, 2005


As mentioned a couple of days ago we're having a new bathroom installed or to be more precise DH is installing a new bathroom which is a small part of our current home improvements.

I'll go into more detail in a few weeks when I can provide photos but I need to share what I did tonight - I had a BATH!!! For months I've had showers only & I missed having a really long soak. We've still got the old bath with a shower above but the fact that the brick dust comes down, the old bathroom is now a hallway with other rooms off it etc really doesn't make a relaxing environment IMHO. I last had a bath on February 1st (that sounds like I’m a mucky sod doesn’t it) in a hotel whilst on a trip for work. Two weeks later I went to Germany (again with work) but I was absolutely gutted to discover that I had a shower in my bathroom.

To make it even better the new bath is has an 11 jet whirl pool so whilst I melted in ecstasy the jets were whizzing the small amount of bubble bath that I put in, up high so that I had to reduce the air.


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